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  • Brand: APPI


  • Art. number 780111
  • Brand: APPI
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Biological pest control of terrariums
The live product TAURRUS® eliminates external parasites frequently found in terrariums such as the reptile mite Ophionyssus natricis, as well as other species of parasites observed in terrariums (see targets). Taurrus (Cheyletus sp.), Microscopic predators, consume these terrarium pests.
TAURRUS® cleanse (preventive action) the environment of terrarium animals (snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, etc.) and treat cases of infestations (curative action). They are able to acclimatize in different types of terrariums.
Note that Taurrus never become invasive and pose no risk to the user, animals and their environment.
Regarding the boxes (racks): refer to the dosage table in the USE tab.

Recommendation: for proper functioning of TAURRUS®, do not use any insecticide product up to 10 days before treatment and for the duration of treatment.

Before use, shake the bottle to homogenize the predators in the substrate.
Pour part of the contents of the bottle on the animals and disperse the rest evenly in the terrarium (s) to be treated.
Repeat the treatments as needed and in the event of a new acquisition of animals for preventive treatment.
"Acting early or preemptively is the best course of action and often turns out to be the most economical."

The treatment does not generally require the handling of the animals to be treated, nor a thorough cleaning of the terrarium. However, in the event of a heavy infestation (detectable by numerous parasites on animals and in water bowls), we still recommend changing the substrate before implanting the predators. Part of the parasite population is thus mechanically eliminated.

Note that infestations are frequent. Parasites are difficult to see and very often we only see part of the population. Also, it is not uncommon to repeat treatments a few weeks or months after implantation of the predators.